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We work with you to choose the best selection of items for your organization. We’ll determine the pricing and then you can decide if you would like us to add a fundraising component to the store prices.

Your store stays open for about 2 weeks while your patrons place their orders. We then close the store, produce the garments and sort them by individual customer. It’s that simple!

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Let Us Create Your Own Custom Webstore

A custom webstore provides a personalized shopping experience to customers, making it easier for them to find the products they are looking for and checkout quickly. 

You can showcase your brand identity in a more cohesive and compelling way, improving brand recognition and loyalty. 



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Frequently Asked Questions

Nothing! Depending on the size of your organization, there is rarely a charge…as long as you agree to advertise to your organization as we agree on (through your group emails & social media)

Whenever you feel the demand is there. In fact, we sometimes recommend opening your store again only 2 weeks after the first orders are delivered. That not only takes care of the procrastinators, but once people get to actually see and feel the quality of the items more people are ready to order.

Yes & No. Embroidered items are produced one at a time so there is no minimum. Screen Printed items do have a 12 pc minimum (24 or higher if there are more than 2 colors in your designs).

We have a few options…either we will refund the money and cancel the orders, produce the imprint using vinyl graphics (depending on logo design) or the organization can choose to order enough extra garments to make up the difference (that you can later sell).

Yes, although we would need to choose imprint methods that do not require minimums such as Embroidery or pre-printed Graphic Transfers. 

Transfers is a process very similar to Screen Printing except that the design is printed on a transfer material to be stored and then applied to the garment on-demand with a heat press.

The end result is virtually the same as if they were Screen Printed but there may be upfront fees to pre-order the transfers.

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